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Staff and Management Training

We have developed a full suit of face-to-face training on a variety of training topics that will enable staff teams to develop the skills, awareness and practices essential for meeting the needs of children and young people, keeping them safe and enabling services leaders or managers to maintain a workforce plan which can fulfil the workforce related requirements of Regulation 16, Schedule 1 (paragraphs 19 and 20).

Topics for training include:

  • Anti-bullying
  • Positive attitude
  • Safer driving at work
  • Brain development
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Communication
  • Reparative responses
  • Corporate parenting & the good enough parent
  • CSE
  • De-escalation
  • Handling disclosure
  • Care transitions
  • Missing from care
  • Participation & engagement
  • Professional boundaries
  • Care palling, placement plans and direct work
  • Reporting and recording
  • Resilience
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe touch
  • Safeguarding
  • Whistle blowing
  • Social networks and E-Safety
  • Key carer
  • Education
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Independent Visits (Regulation 44)

In line with Regulation 44 of the Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015, we can provide an experienced and professional approach to the Independent Visitor’s role. I currently have over 5 years experience in delivering this service.

Management and Staff Mentoring

Recently we have developed and enhanced the skills of a number of individuals to become confident leaders and able managers. Nurturing and encouraging the competence and confidence of managers within different setting, environments and circumstances has required a variety of measured adaptable approaches. Whilst these are specific to each service, team and partner we remain alongside and available throughout and beyond any change management process.

Professional Supervisions

We can provide supervision for managers and colleagues within services to assist with having robust systems in place so that all staff, including the manager, receive supervision of their practice from an appropriately qualified and experienced professional. This allows them to reflect on their practice and the needs of the children assigned to their care.

Professional supervision is a process to enable and guide practitioners towards competent and accountable practice. It also provides ongoing professional development and support.

Safer Recruitment

We can provide safer recruitment processes and frameworks that encourage and inform best practices when scrutinising potential colleague’s suitability for a role within a children’s home. This support covers all the aspects of regulation 31- 33 as well as well schedule two and four requirements.

Policies and Procedures

Policy Review and Development

Building Better Futures Now will check policies and procedures reflect regulations, standards, statutory and non-statutory guidance.

This may include:

  • Assistance in developing and reviewing policies and procedures for Ofsted registration
  • Evaluating whether policies and procedures are working in practice
  • Supporting staff to be involved in development and review of policies and procedures

Service Health check

This includes a review of each of the nine quality standards in depth and after each outcome is complete an action plan will be produced as we explore the governance and compliance aspects of the regulation. You can then use this action plan as either the main body of your development plan or to add specific value towards improving targeted areas of the service. It is extensive, but you can be sure when we have completed it that all the standards will have been checked in depth and the requirements the inspector needs on the day of inspection have been identified for you to plan and ensure you are ready.

Monthly SCIFF Focus

Providers can subscribe to a monthly SCIFF focus review. This offers a deep review and observation of how inspectors make judgements under the SCCIF, and use the evaluation criteria to support and evidence gradings. This key focus on inspection principles and judgement structures can add value to practice, process and procedures, encouraging improved outcomes for children that can be identified by the regulator.

Actions plans and compliance notices

When Ofsted issues compliance notices to children’s homes at inspection, Building Better Futures Now can assist in the development of the action plan.

We can also offer support towards:

– Supporting and checking the progress and completion of tasks required

– Chairing meetings as necessary

– Exploring any early warning signs between Regulation 44 findings and Ofsted reports

– Carrying out audits in line with Ofsted inspection framework, regulations and quality standards

– Providing on-going feedback, advice and assistance to the Registered Manager and Responsible individual

New Services coming early 2019

There are two very exciting additional products planned for 2019. Please check back to access and take part in these new services

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