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“Dave has helped me as a home manager and our team immensely over the last year and we have progressed from ‘requires improvement’ to a ‘good’ in all areas Ofsted report. We are much more confident, informed and able to aspire towards ‘Outstanding’ outcomes next year”

“Dave has really taken the time to understand our needs and has helped develop some very useful polices and systems that without doubt make a positive difference in running our home”

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“Working with Dave has encouraged us to connect and become part of our community and professional networks, we have found more support and resources that have made the experiences of children both healthier and safer”

“Dave is trauma-informed and has an encyclopedic knowledge of children and young people’s rights and the care system.”

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“He has an outstanding ability to balance the complex needs of young people, the people around them, and the demands of running an ethical, sustainable and successful organisation.”

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